Hi my beautiful people, I love all of you. There is something amazing in all of us. I mean it, I look at where I come from and some of the stupid things I have done in my past and say thank god he had a plan for my life. I got it wrong!!! I was headed for a road of self destruction. I gave up on hope and committed to alcoholism. I expected to be my best while drinking and I got a boat load of experience. What not to do to become successful. Don’t drink if you can’t drink in moderation. This is a lot of strength and hope coming from a alcoholic. I expect my kids to be on their best behavior! Interestingly how many times have I heard that same saying and did the opposite. So I take it into consideration they are kids and I can’t expect them to do things I was not capable of doing as an adult. A matter a fact I can expect them to do what was modeled for them since birth. How much has my drinking career damaged or affected my kids. I am not sure, I believe I will need to provide them with better tools. Help them to understand that the environment was dysfunctional, be truthful so they will have a chance. Seek counseling like I have done for myself. I can’t tell them I want better behavior and not provide tools. So this is the new journey stay tuned. I love sharing and I hope you enjoy reading remember live, love, laugh can’t hurt to do it out of order :-)!

silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time
Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com


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